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Fishtech Group & Herjavec Group is the #1 cloud native security-as-a-service solutions provider enabling secure and successful business transformation.

CYDERES is human-led, machine-driven Security-as-a-Service powered by our proprietary cloud native platform and Google Cloud Chronicle. CYDERES supplies the people, process, and technology to help organizations manage risk, detect threats, and respond to incidents in real time. Named Google Cloud Chronicle's Partner of the Year two years in a row, CYDERES is a Top 25 MSSP, advancing in 2021 to #21, eclipsing older and larger competitors.

CYDERES delivers real change in the information security industry and help customers solve for the fragmented security solution landscape and the industry-wide skills shortage.

CYDERES values a customer-first, raise-your-hand, and constant improvement approach every day.

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