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University Health - Information Security Analyst - Audit and Compliance

  • Works with contracted technology solutions provider to

  • maintain enterprise security solutions and infrastructure delivering high availability of performance

  • perform system maintenance activities

  • validate security risk assessments on new applications, equipment, or systems under review for adherence to security standards

  • identify and remediate issues and risk identified through assessments, audits, and rounding

  • Reviews available reports, files, logs and messages produced by analysts, administrators and systems identifying possible security incidents or infractions.

  • Coordinates information security incident investigations and reporting.

  • Support proactive security and privacy audits on a regular basis and develops a mitigation strategy to ensure compliance with HIPAA privacy standards.

  • Promote security awareness and training through presentations, regular communications, training, and information security rounding.

  • Presents a courteous and helpful demeanor, appropriate for age, to all patients, visitors, other employee/medical staff members, or any other person an employee encounters while representing the organization.

  • Maintains current knowledge related to applicable statutes, regulations, guidelines and standards necessary to perform job duties in accordance with requirements of the Corporate Compliance Plan.

  • Complies with the requirements of the Code of Conduct, Corporate Compliance Plan and Compliance Policies and Procedures, including training requirements.

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